Are They Worth The Money?

Some Pros:

◆ Good exposure to industry professionals who you might not meet otherwise.

◆ Simulates an audition-like atmosphere and gives you immediate feedback.

◆I f you’re good, you have an unusual chance to stand out (the talent level is often lower than the typical audition process).

◆ Chance to practice your cold reading under pressure.

◆ Place to meet other actors and get advice from people in similar positions.

Some Cons:

◆ The cost can add up quickly.

◆ You have no control over what material you will be given (which can actually be a positive experience, depending how you look at it).

◆ There is no guarantee that you will get an audition from a workshop.


Which Workshops Are Right For Me?

◆ Most workshops have websites that you can surf through to learn more. Click here for some popular options.