Actors succeed because they can act.  I often hear actors rationalize why they don't get work:  it's their agent's fault, a lazy manager, or another actor who "knew the right people" or had better "insider" connections.  Other actors believe if they just wait long enough, luck will strike.  While there are always exceptions, these things really don't matter.

Despite what you may hear, this town is set up for actors to succeed:  Agents and Managers want the best actors who book more work (leading to better clients and more money).  Producers want the best actors in their project (leading to higher sales and more money).  Casting Directors want to hire the best actors (leading to more jobs and more money).  Directors want to work with the best actors (lessening their burden and improving the project’s quality – i.e., more money).

Believe it – everyone is motivated to find and hire good actors (if only for selfish reasons).  If you are a good actor, odds are you WILL succeed.  If you are not, odds are you will not succeed.  And if you are betting that some exception applies to you, then follow this link.