◆ Showcases are different from workshops.  

◆ At workshops, a group of actors meet with and perform for one or two industry professionals

(usually Casting Directors, Agents and Managers).

◆ Showcases feature actors performing before a crowd of industry professionals and are usually held at a theater to accommodate the crowd.

◆ The best way to learn about showcases and how to audition for them is through word-of-mouth, fliers and Backstage West.

Drama School

◆ Drama School can be a both a terrific learning experience and a tremendous waste of time and money, depending on who you are and where you go to school.

◆ Like many degrees earned from higher-learning institutions, you get out what you put in.

◆ If you’re lucky enough to get into one of the top drama schools, you should take advantage of the opportunity.  

◆ However, if you plan to treat your drama school like many treat college, you may waste valuable time socializing.

◆ It may be more valuable to take more personal acting classes and going on real auditions.  The choice to go or not to go depends on your personality.

◆ Consider a degree in something other than acting.  You gain a different type of life experience (and might have something to fall back on if you decide acting isn’t for you).  

◆ There is no substitute for good training.  From a theater or acting school, you can develop invaluable tools that will stay with you throughout your acting career.

◆ Some of the more respected drama schools include Yale, Carnegie Mellon, NYU, Northwestern, and North Carolina School of the Arts.


Student Films

◆ Film schools always need actors for all of the student films being created.  

◆ You should contact them directly to find out where to send your headshot / resume.

                    ◆   UCLA

                    ◆   USC

                    ◆   AFI

Now, get out there and start training.  While the nation's top quarterback might also be the most talented and charismatic, he still spends most of his time in the weight room, the practice field, and film-study room.  Greatness comes through preparation.  If you think you 'just have it', then maybe you should speak to any top-flight athlete or any of this year's Oscar nominees and find out what it really takes to be the best.