How Do I Know What My Type Is?

◆ Determining your own type is as difficult as knowing yourself.

◆ Since self-perception can be misleading (especially in Hollywood), it’s best to have your agent or manager (or painfully honest friend) help you.

◆ They should be better equipped to figure out your strengths and weaknesses and have a good sense of what will sell.

◆ If, like many actors, you don’t yet have an agent or manager, watch a movie or TV and pick out traits thatyou would identify with in your personal life.

◆ Be honest.  Otherwise, you will only hinder your acting.

◆ The actor who has a strong sense-of-self is an actor who is often successful.

◆ Also, pay attention to what types of roles you get called in for or cast in.

◆ If you’re aware of what your personality traits are, then you can focus on sharpening those through acting. 

◆ Don’t stretch beyond yourself too much, your acting might appear insincere.

◆ There are a few great actors who can transform into another person, but your goal should be to infuse each role with your own personality.  

◆ If this doesn’t work, the role might not be for you.


Why Should I Limit Myself to Certain Roles?

◆ By determining your type, you’re not limiting yourself as an actor.

◆ There is always room to expand your range.

◆ Instead, you are correctly targeting what qualities make you who you are.

◆ This permits translating that knowledge into a good marketing strategy.

◆ Despite what your instincts might say, you’re not right for every role that comes your way.