Need Quality Material 

◆ If you lack good material, don’t make a demo reel – it will only hurt you.  

◆ Use good judgment about what productions are quality or not - ask someone else you trust.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

◆ Your best material should appear first, otherwise, we’ll often stop watching. 

Urbina, Roberto-3.jpg

Keep it Short

◆ Make sure it starts fast and ends fast.

◆ Intros are unnecessary and often annoying – just get to it.  Please don’t start with a collage of your scenes with no sound.  Most films these days are ‘talkies’.

For an example of a nice demo reel, click here

Know Your Audience

◆ Cutting edge graphics or special effects are not needed, we just want to see you act.

◆ If possible, tailor your demo to the project for which you’re submitting.  Film for a film, TV for TV show, drama for a drama, comedy for a comedy, etc.).


Scrap the DVD Burning

◆ Save the environment.  Post your reel online.  If the reel is worthwhile, wouldn’t you want me to have the capability of sending a quick link to the director or producer?

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