Who Will Take Me If I Have No Training?

◆ A good acting class will screen its students carefully to provide the best atmosphere for learning (just like any good college would).

◆ Some acting coaches offer acting classes for anyone interested and then have advanced classes that are more selective.

◆ There are good classes available for all levels of acting.


How Do I Determine Who Is Legitimate?

◆ Most acting coaches will allow you to audit (observe) a class before signing up.  This is a good way to determine which coaches are best for you.  

◆ Audit as many classes as you can and get a feel for what’s out there.


How Much Should I Pay?

◆ The price for acting classes varies widely depending upon many factors such as class structure and number of hours per week.  The best thing to do is contact individual acting coaches and ask for quotes.


Some Things To Consider

◆ Expect and demand negative feedback from your instructors (if you’re not getting constant constructive criticism, you’re probably in the wrong class).

◆ Focus on your training rather than making friends and forming support groups.

◆ Other than general acting classes, you should explore Cold Reading and Audition Technique classes as well.

◆ Leave the class when you’re not getting anything out of it anymore.

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